CEUs are available!

We are excited to offer our registrants the option to purchase Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Attendees can earn contact hours or Continuing Education Credits for each day of the conference for the following disciplines:

  • Washington State STARS/MERIT credit Credit hours
  • Washington State Professional Development and Continuing Education Clock Hours for teachers and educators
  • Washington Social Work Continuing Education.

Below are the steps to meet the requirements for all CEUs awarded during the conference. If you have any questions about obtaining CEUs, please contact [email protected].

Fees for Continuing Education Units - $30 per discipline

CEUs – Washington State Social Work

CEUs – Washington State STARS/MERIT credit hours

CEUs – Washington State Professional Development and Continuing Education CLOCK HOURS for teachers/educators

If you wish to receive these credits, please select the appropriate CEU categorization box(es) during registration.

Virtual CEU Verification Process

For each day of our virtual event, a six-digit code will be required for participants to receive CEUs. This code will be provided to participants in stages; two digits during the keynote speaker session and two digits during each of the morning and afternoon sessions.

The CEU participants are required to complete the following steps:

  • Register for the conference and submit payment including all CEU fees.
  • Participate in full conference day using the email used to register.
  • Attend:
    • the keynote speaker session,
    • one of the morning sessions, and
    • one of the afternoon sessions.
  • Write down all six digits during the conference and enter the six-digit code into the conference survey.
  • Complete the conference survey at the end of the day and enter in the full six-digit code. At the end of each day there will be a survey.

Please Note: The Children’s Trust cannot accept the CEU Verification worksheet once you leave the conference.


Please allow up to eight weeks to receive your CEU certificate.

You must complete all required steps in order to receive your CEUs or CEs post-conference.

Please note: All payments, including conference registration and CEU fees, must be received before your CEU certificate(s) are sent to you.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Attendees are solely responsible for:

Maintaining a record of their certificate(s) and their acquired CEU credits.

Submitting proof of their CEU credit to any agency, organization, or institution if they wish the CEUs to be credited toward job requirements, accreditation, career advancement, or professional development.

Refund Policy

No refunds are allowed for CEUs. All individuals who complete the registration process agree to pay Family Education & Support Services the full registration fee, even if they are unable to attend the conference.